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Silicone plates

Mechanism of action

Silicone plates

The prevention and treatment of the scars occurring after traumas or surgical interventions are very significant because even minor skin lesions that are easy to heal and to be surgically treated can promote scar formation with deformations, contractures, alopecias and trophic ulcers.

Taking into account the numerous descriptions of the methods of the scar prevention and treatment, their general effectiveness is still negative.

Scars are usually accompanied by unpleasant clinical symptoms (hyperemia, pain, scaling, ulcer formation, itching etc) and patient’s psychological problems.

During last decades native and foreign clinicians consider the compression therapy with silicone plates and special elastic clothes to be the most efficient non-invasive method of the prevention and treatment of the pathologic scarring.

The silicone plates (waterproof but air-penetrable due to the special material structure, flexible, adjustable to the rough surfaces) are the most popular method among numerous specialists because of their high efficiency, convenient application and safety for patients.

The main mechanism of the silicone plate action lies in retaining water molecules in the scar connective tissue that changes the energy of the surface stretching and reduces the scar density leading to placing collagen fibers parallely to the skin surface (as in healthy areas). These changes prevent the formation of the pathologic scar tissue at the early application and promote decreasing the scar sizes and increasing its elasticity at the stage of its formation. Scientific researches have proved the efficiency of the silicone plate application in the scar treatment and prevention.

Silicone plates do not have any side effects; skin irritation occurs very rarely. The silicone plates can be applied by patients at home without permanent medical supervision but with the regular dispensary examinations.

The silicone plates of the native manufacture (the private enterprise «Kombustiolog» (Ternopil)) are used in the scar treatment and prevention in the medical establishments of Ukraine.

The sizes of the silicone 100, 200 та 400 см²




The application instruction

Open and remove the package, take out a silicone plate. Apply the silicone plate on the skin surface. The plate has to cover the burn, postoperative surface or scar area completely 0,5-1,0 cm at all the sides.

Fix the plate with the compression clothes, elastic bandage or plaster. Store the silicone plates in a dry place (at the temperature not more than 15 С).

The application recommendations:

The silicone plate has to be removed once or twice a day, washed in the soap solution and dried up. The application place has also to be washed and dried. At the cream application on the problematic area, the silicone plate should be applied after cream absorption.

The silicone plate has to be used for 24 hours except the time of hygienic care.

For the better skin “acclimatization” the silicone plates should be applied gradually: the first day – 8 hours, then increase the time for 2 hours daily up to 24 hour optimal application.

The average period of the treatment makes up 2-4 months (the period is corrected individually during doctor consultations).

Clinical results

The efficiency of the silicone plate therapy is determined by the following criteria: