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Dietary supplement “Xenoderm”


In recent years, some interest is caused by organopreparates, which are made from tissues and organs of animals and their embryos. These are tissues, cells, extracts, hydrolyzates, filtrates and ultrafiltrates.

Defining feature of organopreparates, which significantly distinguishes them from other drugs, is the effect of homology – ability to cause the pharmacological effect on homologous organs or tissues. Meaning that pharmacological effect of organopreparates manifests precisely in those organs and tissues from which the drug was obtained. Organopreparates replenish the deficiency of cellular biomolecules, eliminate various "cellular defects", due to the effect of organotropy, improve the processes of physiological regeneration in the corresponding organs of a patient. This leads to a normal renovation of organs and tissues, the restoration of lost functions.

Animal organopreparates affect the diseased organ: they rejuvenate the cells; increase their resistance to hypoxia, effects of toxins and other damaging factors; positively affect the metabolism in the cells; increase the efficiency of tissue absorption of nutrients and the elimination of metabolic products; optimize the recovery processes of the organ and tissue.

LLC “Institute of biomedical technologies” developed the production technology of the ground substrate of cryolyophilized porcine derma and researched its physicochemical, biochemical and biophysical properties. An experimental and clinical study of the efficacy of the enteral application of xenoderm powder as a dietary supplement in the complex therapy of numerous diseases was carried out.

Experimental and clinical studies have confirmed the effectiveness of usage of a dietary additive from cryolyophilized ground porcine skin, during various diseases treatment, due to the presence of a wide range of biologically active compounds, in particular amino acids and microelements, fatty acids, growth factors, low molecular weight peptides, which are necessary for guided correction of pathological changes in the patient's body.

Ground substrate of the cryolyophilized porcine skin contains wide sets of all essential amino acids (arginine, threonine, glycine, sulfur, lysine, tyrosine, proline, glutamine, asparagine, hotel, etc.), other polypeptide structured biologically active substances, particularly epidermal growth factor, macro and microelements (potassium, calcium, iron, copper, zinc, nickel, silver, etc.), as well as structural proteins (elastin, reticulin, keratin), etc., provides a positive effect on the metabolic processes in the body as a prophylactic factor.

Microelement Amino acid
Name mg/kg Name mg/100 g
Iron 600 Alanine 1473,5
Titanium 90 Arginine 901,5
Potassium 250 Asparagine 1581,4
Calcium 3300 Valin 678,9
Chromium (total) 30 Histidine 496,2
Cadmium 0,1 Glycine 2632,6
Copper 10 Gluramine 2291,2
Zinc 90 Isoleucine 522,7
Nickel 15 Leicin 1489,1
Barium 3,4 Lysine 1224,7
Argentum 4,0 Proline 3447,4
Organic Nitrogen 12,1 Serin 1873,5
Tyrosine 1004,1
Threonin 1436,6
Phenylalanine 1086,3


“Xenoderm” (capsules n. 50)

Dietary supplement that contains natural complexes of peptides, amino acids, micro-and macro elements, nucleotides, growth factors, and more.

Recommended as:

  1. source of the essential elements (potassium, calcium, iron, copper, zinc, nickel, silver), amino acids (arginine, threonine, glycine, serine, lysine, tyrosine, proline, glutamine, asparagine, histidine) and biologically active compounds
  2. a drug with a high sorption activity to remove toxins of different origin from the body.

Usage indications:


1 hour before eating, adults – 2 capsules 2 times per day, children of age 6-12 – 1 capsule 2 times per day.

Capsule composition: ground cryolyophilized porcine skin substrate.

Shelf life: 2 years.

Storage conditions: in a dry cool place.

Contraindications: increased individual sensitivity to individual components of the product.


The given broad content of biologically active substances determines the directions of application of dietary supplement for health purposes. Thus, the proposed ground substrate of cryoconservated xenoderma can significantly activate the immune system, contributing to the prevention of immune diseases, including allergic skin lesions.

Significant antihistamine, antiallergic, membrane-protector, anti-toxic and antimicrobial effects has been noted. Induces the effective healing of wounds and ulcers, prevents aging of the skin, protects collagen from decay, strengthens connective tissue structures of the skin, nails and hair, bone and articular apparatus, effective in preventing osteoporosis, due to the content of growth factors, increases the effect of insulin.

Improves the functioning of the digestive system, has the properties of natural adsorbent.